Better app, better you

You may have used a conference app in the past, but we’re willing to bet it was nothing like the experience you’ll get using the Fetch dvm360 conference app. Our app gives you the most up-to-date information while providing the help you need most—like making it easy to create and save a schedule, giving you resources to take back with you to practice and giving you all the deets about all the fun non-CE offerings we’ve got.

Here’s how the app makes your conference-going experience better than ever before:

Create your schedule

It’s three weeks ‘til the conference and you don’t have the complete session guide on paper. How are you supposed to figure out your plan of attack? We suggest the app. Here’s why: All the sessions as they exist now are there with all the information listed. You can sort by day and track (only looking for dermatology on Saturday? A few clicks and you’re good!) and star every session you’re interested in. All your starred sessions will be saved in your Favorites & Notes tab.

If your favorite speaker ever is at the conference, you can select their name and see every single session they’re going to be teaching. Favorite away!

A handy reminder: Change happens sometimes when we want to least. Like when sessions have to change rooms at the last minute. All room number changes go into the app as they’re happening, making it your best resource in moments of confusion. (Sorry, beautiful attendee notebook! We still love you!)

Download additional resources

You go to the world’s most enlightening session and it gives you loads of awesome ideas to take back to practice. Check out those session details and you might just find some helpful handouts and other documents that you can download to your phone and send to the whole team. This might take the form of proceedings, handouts or articles from

Connect with like-minded peers

The activity stream is a place to share your conference experience with others. Share a tip from a great speaker so everyone knows they need to be at the next session. Ask any questions you have and fellow attendees (or a Fetch dvm360 staffer) can pop in to answer it. Share your cool exhibit hall finds or just post a selfie you took with one of the adoptable puppies in the exhibit hall. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find someone to be your session partner or to have breakfast with.

Get the information you need

When and where is the coffee? What is the food in the exhibit hall? Is that exhibitor with the new tech here? Where can I find the Fetch dvm360 booth and grab a copy of one of the new Vets Against Insanity extended decks?

It’s all there. Find food and coffee in the Good Eats section. See the list of exhibitors and exhibit hall map for all the business and the Hall Happenings section for the merch and everything else.

If you’re looking for something and find yourself completely stumped, it’s possible we didn’t anticipate every need you may have (sorry about that! We’re working on the psychic connection thing). In that case, text us at 913-225-8857 and we’ll set you up.

Let us know what you think

Our goal is to give you the best conference experience we can. That’s why we’d love for you take the survey and give us further ideas for how to improve. Or if there’s something you absolutely loved, we’ll want to make sure that sticks around.


Available on Android and iOS! Download now: