Your guide to Fetch dvm360 in San Diego clinical sessions

December 13-16, 2018

Fetch dvm360 clinical sessions provide information-rich, practical tips and takeaways created for real-world practice and daily patient care. And all are open to every Fetch dvm360 attendee (yes, technicians and practice managers as well as veterinarians)!

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DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationTrackSpeakerSession Title
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM7AClinical PathologyDr. Eric FishHow to improve your cytology game: Tips and Tricks
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM2Critical CareDr. Justine LeeCommon emergency procedures you must know
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM1ADentistryDr. Jason SoukupThe general practitioner's role in the management of oral and maxillofacial trauma
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM10Exotic Animal MedicineDr. Dan JohnsonRespiratory infections of exotic companion mammals
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM8Gastrointestinal MedicineDr. Scott OwensFeline diarrhea: Think inside the box
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM11AHot TopicDr. Jon GellerProviding care for indigent clients (Part 1): A hard life made harder—life on the streets for the homeless and their pets
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Jennifer JohnsonIs Fido in pain? Unraveling the mystery of pain assessment

12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM1BParasitologyDr. Richard GerholdMaking sense of test results for tick-borne diseases
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSetting boundaries to save your soul

12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM5BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Sarah WootenHelp—I'm scared of surgery! How to move past the fear and get back on the horse
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM10Avian MedicineDr. Dan JohnsonHow-to: Avian clinical procedures
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM7AClinical PathologyDr. Eric FishBody cavity effusion analysis basics
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM2Critical CareDr. Justine LeeCommon mistakes to avoid in the ER
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM1ADentistryDr. Jason SoukupContemporary understanding of oral tumors (Part 1): Clinical behavior and biopsy techniques
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM8Gastrointestinal MedicineDr. Scott OwensPancreatic disease in the cat: The common and the not-so-common
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM11AHot TopicDr. Jon GellerProviding care for indigent clients (Part 2): Solutions that work—the art and science of street medicine
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM11BManagement Update Sponsored SymposiumDr. Joel ParkerCompeting with corporate

12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Jennifer JohnsonDigital thermal imaging: Unlocking the clues to patient health

12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM1BParasitologyDr. Richard GerholdCats get heartworms? Clinical signs, testing and treating
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM9Soft Tissue SurgeryDr. Justin GanjeiOpen wound management: Teaching you to make that wound beautiful again
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSelf awareness — the key to being well

12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM7AClinical PathologyDr. Eric FishRapid blood smear reviews for better patient care
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM2Critical CareDr. Justine LeeEmergency management and treatment of feline urethral obstruction
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM1ADentistryDr. Jason SoukupContemporary understanding of oral tumors (Part 2): A focus on management of odontogenic tumors
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM10Exotic Animal MedicineDr. Dan JohnsonHow-to: Reptile clinical procedures
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM8Gastrointestinal MedicineDr. Scott OwensDiagnosing and treating canine pancreatitis
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM11AHot TopicDr. Jon GellerDrug abuse and addiction in the veterinary workplace (Part 1): The power of addiction
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM11BManagement Update Sponsored SymposiumDr. Joel ParkerHow to find really good staff
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Jennifer JohnsonCreating a multimodal pain management plan and measuring results (Part 1)

12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM1BParasitologyDr. Richard GerholdWhat practitioners need to know about emerging parasites: Trypanosoma, screwworms, Toxoplasma, heartworm
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM9Soft Tissue SurgeryDr. Justin GanjeiUrologic surgery: Preoperative preparation, fundamentals, tips and tricks, and recent advancements to get things flowing again
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSelf management for dummies

12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM7AClinical PathologyDr. Eric FishA guide to recognizing common infectious organisms
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM2Critical CareDr. Justine LeeOPP: Outpatient parvovirus — does it work?
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM1ADentistryDr. Jason SoukupSurgical flap design in oral and periodontal surgery
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM10Exotic Animal MedicineDr. Dan JohnsonGastrointestinal stasis in small herbivores
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM5BFun and Games (and management CE)Dr. Sarah WootenWhat the Lion King and Trojan horses can teach us about motivating clients
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM8Gastrointestinal MedicineDr. Scott OwensYour guide to the vomiting dog
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM11AHot TopicDr. Jon GellerDrug abuse and addiction in the veterinary workplace (Part 2): The imperative for testing and support
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM11BManagement Update Sponsored SymposiumDr. Joel ParkerThe secret to setting fees

12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Jennifer JohnsonCreating a multimodal pain management plan and measuring results (Part 2)

12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM1BParasitologyDr. Richard GerholdClimate change and its impact on parasites: Are we seeing the tip of the iceberg?
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM9Soft Tissue SurgeryDr. Justin GanjeiGastrointestinal surgery: Tips on how to get through the ride without leaks
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Hilal Dogan and Tasha McNerney, CVT, CVPP, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia)Coping with anesthetic loss (Hour 1)
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM7AClinical PathologyDr. Eric FishCytology of common canine and feline tumors
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM2Critical CareDr. Justine LeeEmergency management and treatment of the GDV
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM1ADentistryDr. Jason SoukupTips and pitfalls of challenging extractions and their complications
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM10Exotic Animal MedicineDr. Dan JohnsonAcquired dental disease of rabbits and rodents
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM8Gastrointestinal MedicineDr. Scott OwensBeyond the bloodwork: Diagnostics for liver disease
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Jennifer JohnsonBeyond the laser: Rehabilitation for the small animal general practice

12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM1BParasitologyDr. Richard GerholdSniffing out the facts: Slow kill vs. melarsomine for canine heartworm treatment
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM9Soft Tissue SurgeryDr. Justin GanjeiSurgical oncology: How to ensure you never sacrifice surgical margins for ease of closure
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Hilal Dogan and Tasha McNerney, CVT, CVPP, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia)Coping with anesthetic loss (continued)
12/13/20187:00 PM9:00 PM5BEvening SessionDr. Richard GerholdCrawling critters: An update on tick-borne disease, fleas and mites
12/14/20188:00 AM8:15 AM6APre-keynote WelcomDr. Betsy CharlesFetching the most from your conference experience
12/14/20188:00 AM9:00 AM6AKeynote SessionSusan CainQuiet: How to harness the strengths of introverts to transform how we work, lead, and innovate
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM2EndocrinologyDr. Kathryn McGonigleJoin the resistance: Defeating the challenging diabetic
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM8Fear Free℠ PracticeDr. Julie ReckFear Free℠ — Happy pets and people, healthier pets and profits
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM6DFeline MedicineDr. Barbara ShermanDiagnosing cats: Is it medical, behavioral or both?

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM5BHot TopicDrs. Stacee Santi and Adam LittleHow to implement telehealth for the private veterinary practitioner

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM10Hot TopicMike ArmsThe business of saving lives
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM7BImagingDr. Maria EvolaSpecial procedures in radiology: Gastrointestinal track imaging including using contrast medium
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM7ANeurologyDr. Simon PlattA video tour through the neurological examination
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. Jeff DennyIntroducing rehab to your practice

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM9Senior CareDr. Ernie WardTeam approach to recognizing and treating chronic pain in senior pets

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM1AVeterinary LeadershipDrs. Caitlin DeWilde, Kimberly Ann Therrien, and Sarah WootenNever have I ever -- have you? Tame conflict and fear, and let well-being run wild

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue? I've heard there's a vaccine for that!
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Karen FelstedFiring employees and what to learn from it
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM2EndocrinologyDr. Kathryn McGonigleRecognizing infrequent endocrinopathy encounters: Acromegaly, diabetes insipidus, pheochromocytoma and hyperaldosteronism
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM8Fear Free℠ PracticeDr. Julie ReckFear Free℠ doesn't require a longer visit IF you know these 10 tricks
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM6DFeline MedicineDr. Barbara ShermanCase-based behavior problems in cats

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM5BHot TopicDrs. Stacee Santi and Adam LittleHow to implement telehealth for the private veterinary practitioner (continued)

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM7BImagingDr. Maria EvolaExotic animal imaging: Tips, tricks, and options for birds, small mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM7ANeurologyDr. Simon PlattA step by step approach to assessing and treating head trauma
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. Jeff DennyPRP in the real world

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM9Senior CareDr. Heidi LobpriseIt's tough getting old—what else can go wrong?

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM1AVeterinary LeadershipDrs. Caitlin DeWilde, Kimberly Ann Therrien, Jessica Wilson, and Sarah WootenBad ass academy! Lessons on confidence, self-promotion, and influence

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaBuilding a healthy team: Techniques for managing and preventing compassion fatigue
12/14/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6FSponsored Lunch and LearnTroy LeonardSeven amazing online marketing techniques for veterinary practices
12/14/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6CSponsored Lunch and LearnDr. Karen SuedaIt's not just thunder and fireworks
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM6ECardiologyDr. William RauschThe latest on how to use pimobendan in dogs with heart disease
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM2EndocrinologyDr. Kathryn McGonigleRiding the wave of juvenile hormones: Endocrine disease of the young
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM8Fear Free℠ PracticeDr. Julie ReckThe Fear Free℠ exam experience
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM6DFeline MedicineDr. Barbara ShermanCreature comforts: Environmental enrichment for every age

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM7BImagingDr. Maria EvolaRadical radiology: The rare, new and really cool things that imaging has to offer
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM7ANeurologyDr. Simon PlattDisc disease—what's the latest with steroids and rest
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM10Orthopedics and RehabilitationDrs. Matthew Brunke and David DycusSnap, crackle, pop: A surgeon and a rehab doc's perspectives on arthritis

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM5BPractice ManagementDr. Stacee SantiThe rewards of a reward program

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. John C. GodboldSession I: Laser therapy—myth, magic, or science?
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM9Senior CareDr. Jody LulichCaOx care and the story behind voiding urohydropropulsions

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM1AVeterinary LeadershipDrs. Caitlin DeWilde, Kimberly Ann Therrien, and Sarah WootenWe don't go into vet med for the money—clearly! Real-life strategies to enrich our money mindset

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue testing: Find your baseline to keep your career on course
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM6ECardiologyDr. William RauschLifesaving skills: Acute management of emergency CHF in dogs
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM2EndocrinologyDr. Kathryn McGonigleBreaking the pattern: Atypical presentations of hyperadrenocorticism and difficult management cases
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM8Fear Free℠ PracticeGary Glassman, CPAFear Free℠ doesn't pay$! A look at where financial success meets emotional wealth
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM6DFeline MedicineDr. Barbara ShermanCat cognition: What do we know they know?

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM7BImagingDr. Maria EvolaTo cut or not to cut: Abdominal radiographic interpretation
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM7ANeurologyDr. Simon PlattThe seizures won't stop! How to approach refractory epilepsy

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM10Orthopedics and RehabilitationDrs. Matthew Brunke and David DycusMy dog doesn't have Obamacare and can't wait for a new plan! What to do about the torn cruciate

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM5BPractice ManagementDr. Stacee SantiMeet less, accomplish more — Team collaboration tools

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. John C. GodboldSession II: The art of laser therapy—how to maximize treatment results
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM9Senior CareDr. Gary OswaldCurrent concepts: Treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue prevention: The mental stuff to fireproof your career
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM6ECardiologyDr. William RauschOne of the most important skills I didn't learn in school: How I talk with clients about their pets' heart disease
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM2EndocrinologyDr. Kathryn McGonigleA rapid review of what to do with hypothyroid hounds and hyperthyroid housecats
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM6DFeline MedicineDr. Barbara ShermanIntegrating feline friendly handling across your practice

12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM5BHot TopicDr. Stacee SantiThe veterinary entrepreneur: So you have a great idea, now what?

12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM7BImagingDr. Maria EvolaI still have trouble with the lungs: Thoracic radiographic interpretation
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM7ANeurologyDr. Simon PlattFive seizure imposters — the most common events to consider which mimic seizure events
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM10Orthopedics and RehabilitationDrs. Matthew Brunke and David DycusMy Newfoundland sways like Marilyn Monroe: What can we do about those hips?

12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. John C. GodboldSession III: Laser therapy hands on—up close and personal with the joules
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM9Senior CareDr. Robin DowningPutting senior chronic pain out to pasture: NSAIDs and beyond

12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM11AWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Bree MontanaPreventing secondary traumatization and practice-associated PTSD in real-life situations
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Karen FelstedSelling your practice — at a price you want
12/14/20187:00 PM9:00 PM5BEvening SessionDrs. Dave Nicol and Andy RoarkManagement Happy Hour
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaWeird and wonderful: The survival guide to feline aggression
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM6DDermatologyDr. Candace SousaWhat's new in dermatology that's changed the way we practice

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM2EndocrinologyDr. Christopher ByersHyperadrenocorticism: A review of clinical signs and diagnostic modalities

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM8Feline MedicineDr. Kathryn MeursDiagnosing and treating feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM14AHot TopicStephen Cital, RVT, RLAT, SRA, VCCS, VTS-LAM (Research Anes.)An appropriate approach to medical cannabis

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandDo we have a mental health crisis? Results of the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM14BHot TopicDr. Missy SimpsonGold-mining clinical insights from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study—3000+ dogs strong and six years along
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM4Hot TopicKenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)Veterinary nurse vs. veterinary technician: The national credentialing debate
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM1BHot TopicShawn WilkieTen things to ask before you buy your next practice management software

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicThe purrfect diet
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonGoing out on a limb: Osteosarcoma
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkeIntroduction to rehabilitation
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerThe veterinarian's role in recognizing and reporting animal cruelty

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerThe old and the restless: How to care and market for the grey muzzles (Part 1)
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaBehavioral treatments simplified: Essential guide for the veterinarian and technician
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM6DDermatologyDr. Ashley BourgeoisThe itchy dog: A new diagnostic approach

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM2EndocrinologyDr. Christopher ByersHyperadrenocorticism: Treatment and monitoring

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM8Feline MedicineDr. Kathryn MeursTreating heart disease and heart failure in feline patients

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM14AHot TopicStephen Cital, RVT, RLAT, SRA, VCCS, VTS-LAM (Research Anes.)Cannabis: An innovative look into the future

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandLiving well (Part 1): The nitty-gritty of self-care

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM4New Products and Innovative TechnologyBash Halow, LVT, CVPMWhat's the buzz? New tools and trends for 2019
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicOutside the box: Nutrition and the CKD patient
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonGotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now: Transitional cell carcinoma
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkeTherapeutic exercises in veterinary rehabilitation
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerAnimal hoarding: An overview

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerThe old and the restless: How to care and market for the grey muzzles (Part 2)
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM1BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, ASNeeds care, no $$: Now what?
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaEarly intervention: Recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders in puppies and kittens
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM6DDermatologyDrs. Jennifer Schissler and Ashley BourgeoisStaph pyoderma and yeast dermatitis: Are you missing something?

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM2EndocrinologyDr. Christopher ByersHypoadrenocorticism: The great pretender

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM8Feline MedicineDr. Kathryn MeursGenetic testing for feline heart disease: How and when to use it

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM4Hot TopicDr. Marc RosenbergEthical client case studies: Talk over the good, the bad and the ugly with our dvm360 ethics columnist
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandLiving well (Part 2): Take ACT-ion for your health—Acceptance and commitment training for veterinary professionals

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicOutside the box: Nutrition and the FLUTD patient
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonHey doc, what are these strange lumps and bumps? Lymphoma
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkeUnderwater treadmill basics
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerAlternative spay/neuter techniques

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerVeterinary hospice: Caring before the end
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM1BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, ASHow to get your worth
12/15/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6CSponsored Lunch and LearnDr. Jessica RodriguezBattling complacency in parasite prevention and control in cats
12/15/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6FSponsored Lunch and LearnLeland McKayYour legal tool box to manage lawsuits and taxes
12/15/201812:15 PM1:30 PM14BSponsored Peer to Peer LunchDr. Jeff MayoNew takes on general and not so general surgical procedures
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaEarly intervention: Cases
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM10CardiologyDr. William RauschScreening cats for cardiomyopathy: Uses and misuses of NT-proBNP
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM6DDermatologyDr. Jennifer SchisslerTreatment of canine atopic dermatitis: It's not that complicated!

12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM1Bdvm360 Leadership ChallengeGary Glassman, CPAStudent debt and other disasters: 5 financial mistakes veterinarians make
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM8Feline MedicineDr. Jessica QuimbyMirtazapine in cats: Everything you need to know

12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM4Hot TopicDr. Marc RosenbergEthical employee case studies: Talk over protests, parties and politics with our dvm360 ethics columnist
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM2Internal MedicineDr. Christopher ByersA fluid therapy refresher

12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicNutrition in practice: See Spot, feed Spot
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonWhat are those funky cells under the microscope? Cytology review
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkePatience, persistence and caring for the down dog
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerThe spay/neuter debate: When, why, what if?

12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerFifty shades of grey when assessing quality of life
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaVeterinary psychopharmacology: How medications work
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM11BBuilding a Better YouDr. Hilal DoganTwenty lessons learned from the Veterinary Confessionals Project
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM10CardiologyDr. William RauschHow to read rhythms: ECGs in dogs and cats
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM6DDermatologyDrs. Ashley Bourgeois, Jennifer Schissler, and Candace SousaClinical case studies: Insights and tips from the experts

12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM1Bdvm360 Leadership ChallengeDanielle Russ, LVT, BS, ASWhat you didn't learn in vet school
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM8Feline MedicineDr. Jessica QuimbyFeeding the finicky kidney kitty

12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM4Hot TopicDr. Marc RosenbergInteracting with your state board: Dos and don'ts with a former state board member
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM2Hot TopicDr. David HaworthModels for veterinary care in low-income communities

12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicPet food facts, fallacies and opinions
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonWhy so itchy? Mast cell tumors
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkeNutraceuticals for the canine athlete
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerIt's not all sniffles and snuffles: Common diseases in the shelter environment

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM6EBehaviorDr. Lisa RadostaVeterinary psychopharmacology: Using psychotropic medications in clinical practice
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM10CardiologyDr. William RauschHow to read extraordinary beats: Challenging ECGs in dogs and cats
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM6DDermatologyDr. Candace SousaFeline allergy: Have we made progress?

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM8Feline MedicineDr. Jessica QuimbyHyperthyroidism and CKD: Now what?

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM4Hot TopicDr. Marc RosenbergArguments over clinic music, dress codes and informal greetings with our dvm360 ethics columnist
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM2Hot TopicRoger HastonThe future of animal welfare

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM9NutritionDr. Donna RaditicWhat's in that bowl? Raw and homemade diets
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM7BOncologyDr. Kim JohnsonAre these drugs legal in this state? Chemotherapy
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM7AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. Matthew BrunkeLaser in veterinary rehabilitation
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM1AShelter MedicineDr. Kirk MillerRespiratory infections in dogs and cats

12/15/20186:00 PM7:00 PM6BFetch Keynote at NightDrs. Mary Gardner and Andy RoarkThe road less travelled—finding your own path to happiness
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaNew drugs in veterinary anesthesia
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonGood morning sunshine! Solar dermatitis in a nutshell
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM9OphthalmologyDr. Keith CollinsEssentials of feline ophthalmology

12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM3Pain ManagementDr. Michael PettyEvaluating acute and chronic pain in cats
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintTopical toxin titans...and how to treat them
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoAcute kidney injury—an update
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Todd BehreModule 1: Introduction to the National Veterinary Accreditation Program
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerMapping the euthanasia experience (Part 1)
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM4Veterinary InformaticsDr. Rachael KreislerOvercoming your cave dweller instincts with this practical and non-terrifying overview of statistics
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaAnesthesia for the pediatric patient
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonWhat's new in dermatology: Topical therapy
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM9OphthalmologyDr. Keith CollinsDiagnosis and management of selected uveitides

12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM3Pain ManagementDr. Michael PettyTreating acute and chronic pain in cats
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintCommon psychiatric pharmaceutical poisonings
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoHelp! I can't pee!! Treatment and prevention of FLUTD
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Lauren EnglandModule 18: Avian influenza and Newcastle disease
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM11AVeterinary Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Mary GardnerMapping the euthanasia experience (Part 2)
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM4Veterinary InformaticsDr. Rachael KreislerMaking data-driven decisions using visual analytics and location data
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaAnesthesia for the geriatric patient
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonIt's all about the crust: A case-based approach to the crusty patient (Part 1)
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM11AHot TopicSteve Dale, CABCCats are authors: The scratch to communicate
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM9OphthalmologyDr. Mark BobofchakGlaucoma update: Medical and surgical options for a frustrating disease

12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Michael PettyTherapeutic lasers: Clinical applications and business considerations
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintTop 10 toxins affecting dogs and cats
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoHow do we turn off this spigot? Diagnosing and treating canine incontinence
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Gary BricklerModule 9: Interstate and international health certificates for Category 1 animals
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesLead like a boss

12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaAnesthesia for the patient with endocrine disease
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonIt's all about the crust: A case-based approach to the crusty patient (Part 2)
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM9OphthalmologyDr. Mark BobofchakTo grid or not to grid...corneal ulcers and other confusing corneal conditions

12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM11AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. David DycusRegenerative medicine: New approach to old orthopedic problems

12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Michael PettyEvaluating acute and chronic pain in dogs
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintDecontamination methods of the dog and cat
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoLeptospirosis: Current recommendations and what is the risk to veterinary professionals
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Katherine FrankModule 22: Animal welfare: An introduction
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Betsy CharlesBuilding your team through positive relationships

12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaDanger and safety in anesthesia
12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonPens down, eyes up -- what is that?? A photo journey (Part 1)
12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM9OphthalmologyDr. Mark BobofchakThe canine lens: Clarification of a cloudy topic

12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM11AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. David DycusCommon orthopedic soft tissue injuries of the front limb

12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM3Pain ManagementDr. Michael PettyTreating acute and chronic pain in dogs
12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintXylitol: There's much more to it than gum
12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoHypertension: New guidelines, new drugs!
12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Katherine FrankModule 25: Using behavior to assess welfare
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM2AnesthesiaDr. Mike BarlettaVentilators: How they work and when to use them
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM8DermatologyDr. Laura WilsonPens down, eyes up -- what is that?? A photo journey (Part 2)
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM11AOrthopedics and RehabilitationDr. David DycusIt happens to the best of us: Orthopedic complications and how to address them

12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM7AToxicologyDr. Charlotte FlintKnow when to feast and when to fret: Foods toxic to pets
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM7BUrologyDr. Mark AciernoProtein-losing nephropathy
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM11BUSDA/NVAPDr. Gary BricklerModule 8: International movement of horses