Your guide to Fetch dvm360 in San Diego practice management sessions

December 13–16, 2018

“Every speaker will send you home with current, thoughtful, problem-piercing solutions to your hiring, firing, communication, marketing, practice finance, and personal wellbeing problems. And that’s just the start.”
— Business Channel Director and Fetch Practice Management Program Director Brendan Howard

Dive into innovative learning with practice management sessions at Fetch dvm360 conference! These sessions are open to all attendees (veterinarians and technicians included!) and are applicable toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association.

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DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationTrackSpeakerSession Title
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM5ADiagnose and Treat Your Marketing WoesBill SchroederLocal search: How to appeal to your neighbors online
12/13/201812:30 PM1:30 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSetting boundaries to save your soul

12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM5ADiagnose and Treat Your Marketing WoesBill SchroederMobile search: How to appeal to potential clients on their smartphones
12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSelf awareness — the key to being well

12/13/20181:45 PM2:45 PM5BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Sarah WootenWorkshop: How to get 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google and Facebook and... (Part 1)
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM5ADiagnose and Treat Your Marketing WoesBill SchroederSelf-Exam: Check your practice's digital marketing
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM11BManagement Update Sponsored SymposiumDr. Joel ParkerHow to find really good staff
12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesSelf management for dummies

12/13/20183:00 PM4:00 PM5BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Sarah WootenWorkshop: How to get 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google and Facebook and... (Part 2)
12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM11BManagement Update Sponsored SymposiumDr. Joel ParkerThe secret to setting fees

12/13/20184:15 PM5:15 PM5AWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Bill SchroederDon't just protect your reputation—build it
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM5ADiagnose and Treat Your Marketing WoesBill SchroederHow to check ROI on all this digital marketing work
12/13/20185:30 PM6:30 PM5BFun and Games (and management CE)Dr. Sarah WootenVeterinarians against Insanity: Lessons learned from the new game
12/14/20188:00 AM9:00 AM6AKeynote SessionSusan CainQuiet: How to harness the strengths of introverts to transform how we work, lead, and innovate
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM8Fear Free℠ PracticeDr. Julie ReckFear Free℠ — Happy pets and people, healthier pets and profits
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM5BHot TopicDrs. Stacee Santi and Adam LittleHow to implement telehealth for the private veterinary practitioner

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM1AVeterinary LeadershipDrs. Caitlin DeWilde, Kimberly Ann Therrien, and Sarah WootenNever have I ever -- have you? Tame conflict and fear, and let well-being run wild

12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue? I've heard there's a vaccine for that!
12/14/20189:15 AM10:15 AM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Karen FelstedFiring employees and what to learn from it
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM4Client ConundrumsDr. Karen FelstedFive things that drive clients crazy: What not to do in practice
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM5AEquipping Your TeamDr. Andy RoarkPlaying the hand you're dealt: Building culture in established teams
12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM5BHot TopicDrs. Stacee Santi and Adam LittleHow to implement telehealth for the private veterinary practitioner (continued)

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11BRehab and Laser Therapy Sponsored SymposiumDr. Jeff DennyPRP in the real world

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM1AVeterinary LeadershipDrs. Caitlin DeWilde, Kimberly Ann Therrien, Jessica Wilson, and Sarah WootenBad ass academy! Lessons on confidence, self-promotion, and influence

12/14/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaBuilding a healthy team: Techniques for managing and preventing compassion fatigue
12/14/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6FSponsored Lunch and LearnTroy LeonardSeven amazing online marketing techniques for veterinary practices
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM4Managing ExpensesDr. Karen FelstedWhat to do with out-of-control inventory costs
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM5AManaging Your Career and LifeDr. Andy RoarkHow to get it all done
12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM5BPractice ManagementDr. Stacee SantiThe rewards of a reward program

12/14/20181:30 PM2:30 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue testing: Find your baseline to keep your career on course
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM4Growing RevenueDr. Karen FelstedGood discounts vs. bad discounts
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM5APersonnel ManagementDr. Dave NicolHelp! My team is killing me—and how performance management will help
12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM5BPractice ManagementDr. Stacee SantiMeet less, accomplish more — Team collaboration tools

12/14/20183:15 PM4:15 PM11AWellness (Yours!)Dr. Bree MontanaCompassion fatigue prevention: The mental stuff to fireproof your career
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM5BHot TopicDr. Stacee SantiThe veterinary entrepreneur: So you have a great idea, now what?

12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM5APersonnel ManagementDr. Dave NicolTrain, mentor, coach: Making the most of new-grad vets
12/14/20184:30 PM5:30 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Karen FelstedSelling your practice — at a price you want
12/14/20187:00 PM9:00 PM5BEvening SessionDrs. Dave Nicol and Andy RoarkManagement Happy Hour
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM5BBeing a Better ManagerDr. Dave NicolFive management errors that cost you time, money and sanity (and how to fix them)
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandDo we have a mental health crisis? Results of the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM14BHot TopicDr. Missy SimpsonGold-mining clinical insights from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study—3000+ dogs strong and six years along
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM4Hot TopicKenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)Veterinary nurse vs. veterinary technician: The national credentialing debate
12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM1BHot TopicShawn WilkieTen things to ask before you buy your next practice management software

12/15/20188:00 AM9:00 AM11BMoney MattersGary Glassman, CPAThe art of financial analysis—what would YOU do?
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM5BClient ConundrumsDr. Dave NicolThe secret equation for the art of persuasion: How to build amazing client relationships to help pets (Part 1)
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandLiving well (Part 1): The nitty-gritty of self-care

12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM11BMoney MattersGary Glassman, CPAProfit is king: The most important management responsibility
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM4New Products and Innovative TechnologyBash Halow, LVT, CVPMWhat's the buzz? New tools and trends for 2019
12/15/20189:30 AM10:30 AM1BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, ASNeeds care, no $$: Now what?
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM5BClient ConundrumsDr. Dave NicolThe secret equation for the art of persuasion: How to build amazing client relationships to help pets (Part 2)
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM10Hot TopicDr. Elizabeth StrandLiving well (Part 2): Take ACT-ion for your health—Acceptance and commitment training for veterinary professionals

12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM11BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Gary Glassman, CPADoctors and more: Financial planning for the successful veterinary professional
12/15/201811:00 AM12:00 PM1BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, ASHow to get your worth
12/15/201812:15 PM1:30 PM6FSponsored Lunch and LearnLeland McKayYour legal tool box to manage lawsuits and taxes
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM11BBuilding a Better YouDr. Hilal DoganHow to recognize you're toxic and other signs you're your own worst nightmare
12/15/20181:30 PM2:30 PM5BNumbers You NeedBash Halow, LVT, CVPMYour picture of health: Fixing every problem in practice one snapshot at a time
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM11BBuilding a Better YouDr. Hilal DoganTwenty lessons learned from the Veterinary Confessionals Project
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM5BChange ManagementBash Halow, LVT, CVPMManage to the future: How stagnation kills a hospital
12/15/20183:00 PM4:00 PM2Hot TopicDr. David HaworthModels for veterinary care in low-income communities

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM5BChange ManagementBash Halow, LVT, CVPMFire power: When will YOU terminate the problem employee?
12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM2Hot TopicRoger HastonThe future of animal welfare

12/15/20184:45 PM5:45 PM11BWhat's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Hilal DoganHow to stop blaming yourself and take responsibility for your mistakes
12/15/20186:00 PM7:00 PM6BFetch Keynote at NightDrs. Mary Gardner and Andy RoarkThe road less travelled—finding your own path to happiness
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM1BClient ConundrumsBash Halow, LVT, CVPMA manager's guide to common client complaints
12/16/20188:00 AM9:00 AM1APersonnel ManagementBrian Conrad, CVPMGrowing a team: Don't let them become bored and angry and leave
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM1BManaging Your Career and LifeBash Halow, LVT, CVPMGive me liberty or give me death! Free yourself from workplace stress
12/16/20189:30 AM10:30 AM1APractice ManagementBrian Conrad, CVPMCreating a culture: Communication and accountability rule
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM1BBuilding a Better YouBash Halow, LVT, CVPMSelf-sabotage: How practice owners and managers prevent ourselves from succeeding
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM1AClient ConundrumsBrian Conrad, CVPMDamage control with upset clients: Making it right when we mess up
12/16/201811:15 AM12:15 PM4Veterinary LeadershipDr. Betsy CharlesLead like a boss

12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM1AClient ConundrumsBrian Conrad, CVPMJust ask! Getting feedback you can really work with
12/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PM4What's Keeping You Up at Night?Dr. Betsy CharlesBuilding your team through positive relationships

12/16/20183:10 PM4:10 PM1APersonnel ManagementBrian Conrad, CVPMHouston, we have a hiring problem! How to avoid hiring in a crisis
12/16/20184:20 PM5:20 PM1APersonnel ManagementBrian Conrad, CVPMMaking the most of your associates: Healing the medicine-management divide