Convince your boss

We know you (and your boss) have a choice when it comes to the CE you pursue. Here’s what you’ll get when you choose Fetch, plus, what you’ll bring back for the team!
What you'll get
The opportunity to network, brainstorm and learn from expert speakers and facilitators, plus other veterinary professionals at the conference.
Action-based CE, where you receive clear takeaways, resource materials (in the app and on the website) and strategies put what you learn into practice.
Learning opportunities that focus on the everyday (dentals, soft tissue surgeries) and the advanced.
Inspiring keynotes that will renew your passion for veterinary medicine.
An exhibit hall full of all the products (and people) you could ever need to improve efficiency at your practice.
What you'll bring back resources, including proceedings, client handouts, updates on best practices, etc.
The necessary CE hours and the great clinical and personal knowledge the comes from that.
A new sense of centeredness that overcomes compassion fatigue and burnout and provides focus, clarity and renewed passion for practice.

Does that help?

Go forth and persuade!