Your exhibit hall experience guide

Fetch dvm360 sponsors and exhibitors are an integral part of the experience. So when you arrive at Fetch, you’ll find an active, solutions-oriented exhibit hall. Plus, all this great stuff that you won’t want to miss.

And we have a handy-dandy map of the Fetch dvm360 conference in San Diego floor plan if you want to plan your route ahead of time.

Go party

Speaking of drinks and snacks… When you get to the end of Friday’s sessions, you’ll have some amazeballs new ideas and you’ll be EVEN smarter. (How is that even possible?!) Before you head out, let us buy your first drink and feed you something snacky to tide you over. You deserve it!

Fun stuff and swag

Exhibitors love you, and you love stuff! In your onsite materials, we’ll point you to special offers, giveaways, and in-booth events—so you don’t miss out!

Cuddle with a fuzzy friend

At Fetch dvm360 conference in San Diego, we’ve got the puppy fix you need! What better way to take a little break from your CE than getting a well-timed snuggle from an adoptable dog or cat. OR if you need more therapy, we’ll have therapy animals in attendance, and you can stop by to meet them and maybe work out a little of that stress.

Don’t worry, there will be internet!

The Online Oasis, powered by VIN, gives you free web access—and it’s the place you’ll go to take the conference survey and tell us what you think about your Fetch dvm360 experience. Plus you’ll find Wallace. You don’t want to miss Wallace.

Get drawn in

There’s a caricature artist in the exhibit hall! Yes, your caricature is free! Just stop by and walk away with a heartwarming keepsake.

Treat yo’ self

All our lunchtime food stations are in the exhibit hall, offering a little bit of everything. Fetch dvm360 also offers special snack breaks (and sometimes even specialty coffee). So when you troll around and chat just a little, you’ll find we offer up tasty rewards.

Focus on your wellness, too

We care for the people who care for pets. That’s you! And when we asked previous attendees what gift you’d most like to give, massage came to the top of the list. So that’s our gift to you. During the afternoons in the exhibit hall you can get those tight shoulders fixed.

Share a secret

You’re not alone. Whether it’s a funny incident or something weighing heavy on your shoulders, you can share your thoughts and read the secrets of your peers through the anonymous Vet Confessional booth.

Learn more on the floor

Find more educational experiences on the exhibit hall floor and take your learning outside the classroom! You’ll find extra information to take in and fill out your experience that much more.

All work and no play makes vet med less fun

Practicing veterinary medicine is rewarding, important and often all-consuming. It can also be awkward, annoying and (on most days) downright disgusting. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh about it. Here’s where Vets Against Insanity comes in. It’s a fun, slightly scandalous take on the work and life of a veterinary professional. Play with your veterinary team (or anyone who recently had to squeeze a dog’s anal glands) and let the laughs ensue!

Buy a copy at the dvm360 booth in the exhibit hall. And while you’re here, you can play with your peers at Game Night.

Let’s take care of

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