fetch dvm360 veterinary conference education
At Fetch dvm360 conference, we’re taking adult learning to the next level. This means giving you the ultimate clinical, management, technician and wellness CE you need to continue to provide the best possible pet care.
It also means giving you a little more than that. We were the first conference of our kind to offer facilitated sessions, which provide interactive moments that help you stay focused and walk away retaining more information.
And it means making sure that we take care of you as a whole person, with sessions that focus on your well-being, your communication skills and what’s keeping you up at night.
The four pillars of fetch
Fetch dvm360 conference is all about taking care of the people who care for pets. We’re providing the high-quality CE you need, but in a whole new way. Here’s what that looks like:

We get it, you probably prefer to communicate with animals, not humans. But what if you had the chance to meet your next mentor, BFF, or star hire at Fetch dvm360 conference? You’ll be among your people, with hundreds of practitioners from every niche industry and discipline.


You’ll leave with scores of new tips, killer techniques, treatment ideas and answers to your toughest diagnostic questions courtesy of our brilliant speakers, lab leaders and additional educational opportunities.

You fight every day to prove veterinary medicine is a serious profession and that animals deserve our care and respect. And all of that fighting means that you also deserve a chance to unwind and loosen up. Our parties, game nights and fun exhibit hall happenings are that chance.


We don’t just give you the knowledge to take back home, we’ll inspire you to deliver the level of care you’ve always wanted to provide to the pets you see. Bring big ideas home from our keynote speakers.

Charlotte, NC
Fetch in Charlotte, NC
March 24-26, 2023