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We believe in evidence-based learning (and fun!)
We aim to nurture, inspire, connect and equip you to be the best veterinary professional you can be. We offer the best veterinary CE from a host of brilliant presenters—and an incredible weekend of fun.
Here’s a look at what makes our conference different…

Inspiration abounds

Fetch dvm360 conference features amazing keynote speakers who will reignite your passion for veterinary medicine.
Dr. Alane Cahalane

As a board-certified surgeon and CEO and co-founder of Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong, Dr. Cahalane has advanced animal health care in Asia and beyond—inspiring veterinarians, pet owners and animal activists to share their stories about the power of the human-animal bond.

Susan Cain and Drs. Andy Roark and Mary Gardner

In 2018, we had some amazing keynotes, from Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, who talked about the strengths of introverts. Drawing from her original research, Cain spoke about how to make that hidden leadership, creativity and innovation shine.

Drs. Andy Roark and Mary Gardner talked about the expectations we set for ourselves and how to break free. You may think practice has to go a certain way, but the truth is there’s no script. Instead, follow your own path in veterinary medicine to make it to you what you want it be.

Nighttime is the right time for CE


Convince your boss

Get the thumbs-up to attend a Fetch dvm360 conference near you. Here’s what to tell your boss—or yourself—to justify your trip to the best evidence-based veterinary CE you’ll find.

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Charlotte, NC
Fetch in Charlotte, NC
March 24-26, 2023