Your guide to Fetch dvm360 in San Diego clinical sessions

December 12-15, 2019

Fetch dvm360 clinical sessions provide information-rich, practical tips and takeaways created for real-world practice and daily patient care. And all are open to every Fetch dvm360 attendee (yes, technicians and practice managers as well as veterinarians)!

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DateStart timeEnd timeTrackLocationSpeaker(s)Session title
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiFeline aggression: Should we play or should you just stay away?
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyDental tips for general practitioners
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittCats are not chew toys: Managing thoracic trauma in the emergency room
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMGeriatric Medicine5BDr. Mary GardnerLiving well and being old: Practical care for geriatrics in the home
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Bonnie WrightHow drugs and non-drugs interact with endogenous pain physiology
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarCreatures great and small: Sheltering exotic animals
12/12/201912:00 PM12:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADrs. Jeff Thoren and Robert Trimble, Elise Lacher, CPA and Peg ThorenEnlightened Rebels make SHIFT happen! (Part 1): Escape the management matrix
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiCanine body language: But what do you really mean?
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyDental radiographic interpretation
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittPneumocat! Managing peri- and post-anesthetic complications
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMGeriatric Medicine5BDr. Mary GardnerThe old and the restless: Caring for grey muzzles in your clinic
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Bonnie WrightMechanisms of non-pharma pain treatments
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarCapacity for care: Using math to help your populations
12/12/20191:00 PM1:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADrs. Jeff Thoren and Robert Trimble, Elise Lacher, CPA and Peg ThorenEnlightened Rebels make SHIFT happen! (Part 2): Upgrade your operating systems for adaptability and collaboration
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiCanine housesoiling: Doo it here…doo it now
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyAlternatives to tooth extractions
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittAnalgesia for hospitalized cats: Life without methadone
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMGeriatric Medicine5BDr. Mary GardnerTop 5 age-related ailments to educate clients about
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Bonnie WrightUse it on Monday: Combinations of pharma and non-pharma for pain conditions
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarShelter animal transportation: What are we doing wrong?
12/12/20192:00 PM2:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADrs. Jeff Thoren and Robert Trimble, Elise Lacher, CPA and Peg ThorenEnlightened Rebels make SHIFT happen! (Part 3): Unleash your team's creativity, motivation, and accountability
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiResource guarding: What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMCardiology2Dr. William RauschThe latest on how to use pimobendan in dogs with heart disease
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyTooth resorption
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMDermatology4Dr. Nicole BoynoskyUpdate on atopic dermatitis and the importance of a team-based approach: It takes a village!
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittShock fluid therapy for cats
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Jennifer JohnsonIs Fido in pain? Unveiling the mystery of pain assessment
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarRabies: Not just a FAD
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarGastric dilatation volvulus: It doesn't have to make your stomach turn
12/12/20193:00 PM3:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADrs. Jeff Thoren and Robert Trimble, Elise Lacher, CPA and Peg ThorenEnlightened Rebels make SHIFT happen! (Part 4): Elevate your success through compelling purpose and radical transparency
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiSibling rivalry: When roommates come to blows
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMCardiology2Dr. William RauschLifesaving skills: Acute management of emergency CHF in dogs
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyStomatitis update
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMDermatology4Dr. Nicole BoynoskyDiagnostic approach to the pruritic dog: Why does everything in dermatology look the same?
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittDizzying DKA: Updates for the feline practitioner
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMHot Topic5BDr. Celeste AllabandMicrobiome 101 for veterinarians: Fecal transplantation, microbiome analysis, and more (Part 1)
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Jennifer JohnsonDigital thermal imaging: Unlocking the clues to patient health
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarOld or emergent? Distemper management in shelters and communities
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarGastrointestinal foreign bodies: Minimizing the risk of postoperative dehiscence
12/12/20194:00 PM4:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADr. Betsy CharlesCan't we all just get along?
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMBehavior6DDr. John CiribassiFeline elimination disorder: Making litter the letter of the law
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMCardiology2Dr. William RauschScreening cats for cardiomyopathy: Uses and misuses of NT-proBNP
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMDentistry3Dr. Kendall TaneyDental emergencies
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMDermatology4Dr. Nicole BoynoskyTherapy for the atopic dog—getting it right for short-and long-term success
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Jamie BurkittEmergency management and treatment of feline urethral obstruction: Keeping them unblocked
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMHot Topic5BDr. Celeste AllabandMicrobiome 101 for veterinarians: Fecal transplantation, microbiome analysis, and more (Part 2)
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMPain Management1ADr. Jennifer JohnsonFeline pain: Increasing your tools
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMShelter Medicine1BDr. Lena DeTarTreating the TM: Managing chronic feline disease in the shelter
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarGastrointestinal surgery pearls: Tips and tricks you won't find in the textbook
12/12/20195:00 PM5:50 PMVeterinary Leadership5ADr. Betsy CharlesA better way to fight
12/12/20196:00 PM6:50 PMEvening Session6BDr. Dawn BootheThe high points of cannabinoids
12/13/20198:00 AM8:50 AMKeynote Address6BDrs. Mary Gardner and Sue EttingerUnder pressure—surviving work life IMbalance
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMCardiology2Dr. William RauschDiagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMClinical Pharmacology1BDr. Dawn BootheAntimicrobial resistance in dogs and cats: We have a problem?
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMDermatology4Dr. Nicole BoynoskyManagement of canine pyoderma: Happy skin barrier, happy terrier!
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMExotic Animal Medicine5ADr. Cheryl GreenacreAssessing and managing pain in exotic companion mammals
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMGastrointestinal Medicine6CDr. Scott OwensGastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): More common than you think
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMHot Topic1ADr. Jon GellerA hard life made harder—life on the streets for the homeless and their pets
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMHot Topic7ADr. Robin Downing and Steve Dale, CABCCats are authors: The scratch to communicate (Part 1)
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. John Godbold, Jr.Laser therapy - Myth, magic, or science?
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMNutrition3Dr. Cailin HeinzeThey want to feed what?! Alternative diets
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMOsteoarthritis5BDr. Kristin Kirkby ShawThe not-so-magic eight ball: Predicting OA by early diagnosis of eight developmental orthopedic diseases
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarOpen wounds: We've got you covered! Demystifying the world of wound management
12/13/20199:00 AM9:50 AMUrology7BDr. Jeff NicholCanine urine soiling
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMCardiology2Dr. William RauschApproach to the canine and feline ECG
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMClinical Pharmacology1BDr. Dawn BootheMinimizing antimicrobial resistance: Interpreting C&S
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMDermatology4Dr. Laura StokkingUpdate on parasitic skin disease in dogs and cats: It's what's on the outside that counts
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMExotic Animal Medicine5ADr. Cheryl GreenacreOHE, OVE, and castration of exotic companion mammals (Part 1)
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMGastrointestinal Medicine6CDr. Scott OwensYour guide to the vomiting dog
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMHot Topic7ADr. Robin Downing and Steve Dale, CABCCats are authors: The scratch to communicate (Part 2)
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMHot Topic1ADr. Jon GellerSolutions that work—the art and science of street medicine
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. John Godbold, Jr.The light way - Tips 'n techniques for laser therapists
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMNutrition3Dr. Cailin HeinzeKeeping those kidneys happy: Nutritional strategies
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMOsteoarthritis5BDr. Kristin Kirkby ShawWhat's your CCQ? Developing a comprehensive care plan for dogs with OA using CCQ
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarWhat lies beneath: Managing thoracic trauma from the ER to the OR
12/13/201910:00 AM10:50 AMUrology7BDr. Gary OswaldIt's as easy as peeing in bed
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMCardiology2Dr. William RauschA review of challenging arrhythmias
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMClinical Pharmacology1BDr. Dawn BootheMinimizing antimicrobial resistance: The design of the dosing regimen (the MIC is the key)
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMDentistry7BDr. Heidi LobpriseInflammation in periodontal disease—what's the culprit? Bacteria or host?
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMDermatology4Drs. Nicole Boynosky and Laura StokkingAllergy imposters! Case-based examples of common dermatologic disease that can mimic allergic dermatitis
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMExotic Animal Medicine5ADr. Cheryl GreenacreOHE, OVE, and castration of exotic companion mammals (Part 2)
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMGastrointestinal Medicine6CDr. Scott OwensDiagnosing and treating canine pancreatitis
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMHot Topic1ADr. Jon GellerDrug abuse and addiction in the veterinary workplace
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMHot Topic7ASteve Dale, CABCMillennials: The trampoline allowing vet visits to bounce back
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. John Godbold, Jr.Light protocols - Laser therapy applications
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMNutrition3Dr. Cailin HeinzeDiet dilemmas: Why, when, and how to recommend therapeutic diets to your patients
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMOsteoarthritis5BDr. Kristin Kirkby ShawDiving in deeper: Exploring treatment options in each quad of the CCQ (Part 1)
12/13/201911:00 AM11:50 AMSoft Tissue Surgery6EDr. Bronwyn FullagarGoing with the flow: A practical guide to lower urinary tract obstruction
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMAvian Medicine5ADr. Cheryl GreenacreGeriatric medicine of pet birds
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMClinical Pharmacology1BDr. Dawn BootheNon-opioid alternatives to pain control
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMGastrointestinal Medicine6CDr. Scott OwensManagement of PLE: More than just pred
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMHot Topic1ADr. Jon GellerControversies in wildlife research
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMHot Topic7ASteve Dale, CABCThe Human-Animal Bond: Is it possible to be over-bonded?
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. John Godbold, Jr.Hands on the joules: Up close and personal with therapy lasers
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMOncology3Dr. Sue EttingerFeline GI lymphoma vs. IBD: The struggle is real
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMOsteoarthritis5BDr. Kristin Kirkby ShawDiving in deeper: Exploring treatment options in each quad of the CCQ (Part 2)
12/13/20192:00 PM2:50 PMPain Management7BDr. Robin DowningBanishing chronic pain
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMAvian Medicine5ADr. Cheryl GreenacreEmergency presentations and procedures in birds
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMClinical Pharmacology1BDr. Dawn BootheNSAIDs: It's not just about pain
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMGastrointestinal Medicine6CDr. Scott OwensPancreatic diseases in the cat
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMHot Topic1ADr. Jon Geller21 tips from the ER
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMHot Topic7ADr. Robin DowningFear plus pain or pain plus fear? Banish them both!
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMHot Topic6EDr. Mark OlcottTelemedicine: Medical and legal realities for the not-so-distant future
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMNutrition7BKara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)Calm the angry GI tract: What's new in nutrition
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMOncology3Dr. Sue EttingerOsteosarcoma survival guide 2019
12/13/20193:00 PM3:50 PMOsteoarthritis5BDr. Kristin Kirkby ShawMeasuring success: How do we know if our plan is working?
12/13/20195:40 PM6:30 PMEvening Session4Dr. Dave Nicol"Blunt Dissection Podcast" LIVE! Learn how a successful practitioner built their success and what lessons you can learn
12/13/20195:40 PM6:30 PMEvening Session5ADr. Sarah WootenAwaken your lionheart of courage and tame the fear of failure
12/13/20195:40 PM6:30 PMEvening Session5BDr. Cheryl GreenacreProper medication use in backyard and companion poultry
12/13/20195:40 PM6:30 PMEvening Session6CDr. Scott OwensThink inside the box: Feline diarrhea
12/14/20197:00 AM8:00 AMSponsored Peer to Peer Breakfast6FJoseph HrubanVeterinary Practice Ownership Transitions & Avoiding Costly Mistakes
*Breakfast provided; first-come, first-served and limited space available. No CE offered.
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaAnesthesia in patients with gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanGetting the most out of your clinical pathology testing: Tips for sample collection, handling and submission
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzDystocia and neonatal resuscitation
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellForging a dermatology relationship to last a lifetime
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteDiabetes in dogs and cats (Part 1)
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMFeline Medicine6CDr. Karen MorielloTaking the "AHHH" out of diagnosing and treating feline dermatophytosis
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. Jeff DennyLaser therapy pointed my practice in the right direction
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMNutrition4Dr. Cailin HeinzeUrine a lot of trouble: Nutritional management of urolithiasis
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMOphthalmology5ADr. Mark BobofchakCanine glaucoma update
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMPalliative Care5BDr. Katherine GoldbergPalliative care in veterinary practice: Principles and practical tools
12/14/20198:00 AM8:50 AMParasitology8Dr. Michael DrydenTicks on the West Coast—do we need to be concerned?
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaInhalant anesthetics: Knowing what we know…and what we don't (Part 1)
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanCytology of common skin lesions and lymph nodes
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzCardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation: Current guidelines and applications
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellUnusual doesn't equal uncommon: Autoimmune diseases you don't want to miss
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteDiabetes in dogs and cats (Part 2)
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMFeline Medicine6CDr. Karen MorielloThe worst case scenario survival handbook, page 666: The crazy itchy cat
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMLaser Therapy Sponsored Session14ADr. Lisa MillerLaser therapy (photobiomodulation) updates
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMNutrition4Dr. Cailin HeinzeCommon pet food myths and misconceptions
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMOphthalmology5ADr. Mark BobofchakEyelid disease and surgery
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMPalliative Care5BDr. Katherine GoldbergPalliative care of ICU patients: Collaboration to optimize care of patients, clients, and YOU
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMParasitology8Dr. Michael DrydenItchy pets and systemic flea control
12/14/20199:00 AM9:50 AMVeterinary Leadership7ADrs. Kimberly-Ann Therrien and Sarah WootenFifty shades of greatness

12/14/201910:00 AM10:50 AMLaser Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Sponsored Session14ADr. Jeff DennyTying it all together
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaInhalant anesthetics: Knowing what we know…and what we don't (Part 2)
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 AMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanInfectious disease potpourri
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzA low tech approach to the diagnosis of anemia
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellFood allergy truth and lies
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteCanine hypoadrenocorticism
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Karen MorielloMost cats would agree, bald is not beautiful
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMNutrition4Dr. Cailin HeinzeBringing up baby: Feeding growing dogs for optimal health
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMOphthalmology5ADr. Mark BobofchakThe canine lens: Clarification of a cloudy topic
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMPalliative Care5BDr. Katherine GoldbergGoals of care conversations: Why they will be your new best friend
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 AMParasitology8Dr. Michael DrydenThe quagmire that is giardiasis
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 AMRegenerative Medicine Sponsored Session14ADr. Jeff DennyRegenerative medicine, from classroom to clinic
12/14/201911:00 AM11:50 PMVeterinary Leadership7ADrs. Kimberly-Ann Therrien and Sarah WootenDon't take your debt into retirement: Live with financial freedom sooner

12/14/201912:00 PM1:30 PMSponsored Lunch and Learn11ABDr. Cory PennLeveraging Diagnostics to Grow Your Practice
*Box lunch provided. RACE application for 1 CE hour submitted; approval pending.

12/14/201912:00 PM1:30 PMSponsored Peer to Peer Luncheon6FDr. Jeff MayoNew Takes on General and Not-So-General Surgical Procedures
*First-come, first-served to the first 24 attendees. No CE credit offered.
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaPain and nociception: Pathways and assessment (Part 1)
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanHow to make and evaluate a blood smear, and some case examples as to why you should
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzPractical blood transfusions
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellCanine allergy: What to do if the newest drug doesn't work
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteCanine hypothyroidism
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMEnd-of-life Care14BDr. Mary GardnerThe euthanasia you don't want to do
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Karen MorielloChronic feline otitis—it's much more than polyps
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMHot Topic6BDr. Robert SilverROOM MOVED FROM 1A to 6B. Medical cannabis for veterinarians
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMNutrition4Dr. Cailin HeinzeToo many cooks in the kitchen
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMOphthalmology5ADr. Mark BobofchakTo grid or not to grid: Corneal ulcers and other confusing corneal conditions
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMParasitology8Dr. Michael DrydenAll about fecal diagnostics: Classic and cutting edge
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMPayment Options7BDr. Mark OlcottPaying for care: A summary of the existing and new ways for clients to say "Yes"
12/14/20192:00 PM6:00 PMRegenerative Medicine Sponsored Laboratory17BDr. Jeff DennyRegenerative Medicine: Platelet-Rich Plasma and Intra-Articular Injection Lab
*Additional fee of $195.00 and pre-registration required; enrollment open to veterinarians and technicians.
12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMVeterinary Leadership7ADrs. Kimberly-Ann Therrien and Sarah WootenEssential exchanges (Part 1): Are you avoiding conversations crucial to your (or your patients') progress?

12/14/20192:00 PM2:50 PMVeterinary Wellbeing5BDr. Katherine GoldbergA social worker walks into a veterinary practice: The why, what and how of veterinary social work
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaPain and nociception: Pathways and assessment (Part 2)
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMClient Expectations7BDr. Mark OlcottMillennials in the mist: The good news/bad news for your practice's future
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanYou have an anemic patient, now what?
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzMaximizing survival in gastric dilatation-volvulus
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellCanine otitis: Follow the ear wax (or the smell)
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteFeline hyperthyroidism
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMEnd-of-life Care14BDr. Mary GardnerEuthanasia under pressure: When the sh*t hits the fan
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Boaz ArziStem cell therapy for feline gingivostomatitis—what have we learned so far?
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMOncology4Dr. Sue EttingerWhat's new in cancer?
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMOphthalmology5ADr. Mark BobofchakDiagnosing the acutely blind patient
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMParasitology8Dr. Michael DrydenIntestinal parasites of dogs and cats: A changing clinical perspective
12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMVeterinary Leadership7ADrs. Kimberly-Ann Therrien and Sarah WootenEssential exchanges (Part 2): Conversing with confidence in crucial situations

12/14/20194:00 PM4:50 PMVeterinary Wellbeing5BDr. Katherine GoldbergVeterinary social work and the bottom line: A session for practice owners and managers
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaSedation and anesthesia in pigs
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMClinical Pathology1ADr. Ashleigh NewmanCase-based practice interpreting clinical pathology data
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzWhere there's smoke, there's fire: A case-based approach to the management of house fire victims
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellProducts for veterinarians who don't love dermatology
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMEndocrinology6EDr. David BruyetteEmerging feline endocrine diseases
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMEnd-of-life Care14BDr. Mary GardnerDoc, how will I know it's time?
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Boaz ArziFeline maxillofacial trauma: Appropriate steps to make a difference
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMOncology4Dr. Sue EttingerCancer "cliff notes" for dogs: What you need to know
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMTechnician Communication15AKristina Guldbrand, CVT, BS, CSPDifficult conversations—how to turn conflict into collaboration
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMVeterinary Leadership7ADr. Betsy CharlesBoomers are work-a-holics, X-ers are lazy, millennials are entitled and gen z is beyond help. How are we supposed to work together?
12/14/20195:00 PM5:50 PMVeterinary Wellbeing5BDr. Katherine GoldbergYoga won't fix this: What do we really know about veterinarian wellbeing?
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMAnesthesia2Dr. Mike BarlettaSedation and anesthesia in donkeys and mules
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMCritical Care3Dr. Ari JutkowitzFluid therapy: Do I really need anything other than what I'm already using?
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMDermatology6DDr. Darin DellMRSP infection in dermatology: What do I do now?
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMEnd-of-life Care14BDr. Mary GardnerWhat you need to know about cremation!
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMFeline Medicine6CDr. Boaz ArziIs your patient having difficulties opening or closing the mouth?
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMOncology4Dr. Sue EttingerCancer "cliff notes" for cats: What you need to know
12/14/20196:00 PM6:50 PMVeterinary Leadership7ADr. Betsy CharlesLead like a boss: Strategies for effective influence
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanOverview of behavioral drugs: A guide to usage, class, contraindications, and side effects
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMEndocrinology8Dr. David BruyetteApproach to polyuria and polydipsia
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenThoracic radiography: Key points, pitfalls and easy fixes
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesThe practical neurologic examination
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoPerfect your examination: Thoracic limb lameness
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerTen decontamination techniques: The old and the new
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMUrology5ADr. Michael WoodMedical management of hyperphosphatemia, hypokalemia, and acidosis in chronic kidney disease
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Jamie SnowModule 3: Overview of foreign animal, program, and reportable diseases
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMVeterinary Ethics1ADr. Katherine GoldbergVeterinary Ethics 101: Developing ethical literacy to cope with daily challenges in practices
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMVeterinary Informatics5BDr. Rachael KreislerMedical decision making: Evidence, values, economics, and best guesses
12/15/20198:00 AM8:50 AMVeterinary Leadership4Dr. Betsy CharlesWho are you? Lessons from the greatest showman
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanPharmacologic treatment of situational fear and anxiety in dogs: Travel, vet visits, thunderstorms and fireworks
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMEndocrinology8Dr. David BruyetteCanine hyperadrenocorticism: Etiology and diagnostic approach
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenAbdominal radiography: Key points, pitfalls and easy fixes
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesPractical neurology: Indications for imaging and referral
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoPerfect your examination: Pelvic limb lameness
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerLiver let die: Hepatotoxins
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMUrology5ADr. Michael WoodIncorporating angiotensin receptor blockers into chronic kidney disease management
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Larry RawsonModule 18: Avian influenza and Newcastle disease
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMVeterinary Ethics1ADr. Katherine GoldbergEnd of life ethics, serious illness, and veterinarian wellbeing: An upstreamist approach
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMVeterinary Informatics5BDr. Rachael KreislerAs you Likert: The anatomy and physiology of client surveys
12/15/20199:00 AM9:50 AMVeterinary Leadership4Dr. Betsy CharlesLife is hard and not fair, so how do I thrive?
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanPharmacologic treatment of situational fear and anxiety in cats: Travel, vet visits, and visitors to the home
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMEndocrinology8Dr. David BruyetteCanine hyperadrenocorticism: Treatment options
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenSmall animal ultrasonography: Hocus P.O.C.U.S (Point of care ultrasound)
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesAn update on seizure management
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoCranial cruciate ligament rupture—so many options: Extracapsular techniques
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerMyths and misconceptions in veterinary toxicology
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMUrology5ADr. Michael WoodCurrent approaches to manage recurrent urinary tract infections
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Amanda WhiteModule 13: Aquatic animal health regulations and health certification
12/15/201911:00 AM11:50 AMVeterinary Informatics5BDr. Kelly HallBig data and trauma patient care
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanPuppy socialization to reduce the risk of behavior problems in adulthood
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenSmall animal ultrasonography: Gastrointestinal tract
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesAn update on neurological emergencies
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoCranial cruciate ligament rupture—so many options: Osteotomy techniques
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerCNS intoxicants (Part 1): Tweakers and tokers
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMUrology5ADr. Michael WoodUrethral sphincter mechanism incompetence: Current therapies
12/15/20192:00 PM2:50 PMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Lauren EnglandModule 9: Interstate and international health certificates for Category 1 animals
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanOh no, a behavior problem! What do I do now?
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenSmall animal ultrasonography: Liver and gallbladder
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesCommon spinal diseases and management
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoHow to manage medial patella luxations in small and large breed dogs
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerCNS intoxicants (Part 2): I got the shakes
12/15/20193:00 PM3:50 PMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Larry RawsonModule 30: The role of veterinarians in honey bee health
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMBehavior3Dr. Barbara ShermanCanine separation anxiety: A common behavior and welfare concern
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMImaging2Dr. Eli CohenSmall animal ultrasonography: Spleen and pancreas
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMNeurology9Dr. Michelle CarnesVestibular disease
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMOrthopedics6DDr. Kevin BenjaminoHip dysplasia: Treatment and prognosis
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMToxicology1BDr. Tina WismerUrine or you're out: Renal toxicants
12/15/20194:00 PM4:50 PMUSDA/NVAP7ADr. Amanda WhiteModule 23: Use of antibiotics in animals