Your guide to sessions at HospitalDesign360 in Kansas City

2019 agenda

Below is the 2019 Session Guide of the HospitalDesign360 conference.

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DateStart timeEnd timeTrackSpeakerSession
Wednesday, Aug. 219:00 AM10:00 AMMain programMatt MilbyWelcome to HospitalDesign360!
Wednesday, Aug. 2110:30 AM11:00 AMMain programWayne Usiak, AIA, NCARBWho's on your HD dream team?
Wednesday, Aug. 2111:00 AM11:30 AMMain programDan Chapel, AIA, NCARBHow to be a good client
Wednesday, Aug. 2111:30 AM12:00 PMMain programHeather Lewis, AIA, NCARBBuild a better project timeline
Wednesday, Aug. 2112:00 PM1:15 PMMain programWilliam FrazierPractice construction 101: Advice from an expert
Wednesday, Aug. 211:25 PM2:10 PMMain programHeather Lewis, AIA, NCARBMake your practice Fear Free(SM)
Wednesday, Aug. 212:10 PM2:40 PMMain programGary Glassman, CPAHow much financing you really need
Wednesday, Aug. 212:40 PM3:10 PMMain programDan Chapel, AIA, NCARB5 ways to save money
Wednesday, Aug. 213:20 PM3:50 PMMain programGary Glassman, CPASecuring the right loan for you
Wednesday, Aug. 214:00 PM4:30 PMMain programWayne Usiak, AIA, NCARBCreative solutions to a tight budget
Wednesday, Aug. 214:30 PM5:00 PMMain programGary Glassman, CPAHow to make more money in your new building
Wednesday, Aug. 215:10 PM6:00 PMMain programPanel: Horror stories with happy endings
Wednesday, Aug. 216:00 PM7:30 PMMain programWelcome Reception
Thursday, Aug. 227:00 AM8:00 AMMain programDanielle Herbele, CVT, VTS-H (Dentistry) and Ashley ShoultsDesigning the optimal dentistry suite
Thursday, Aug. 228:00 AM8:30 AMMain programDan Chapel, AIA, NCARBBest buildings for conversion: The ultimate "green" project
Thursday, Aug. 229:30 AM10:00 AMMain programWayne Usiak, AIA, NCARBFundamentals of floor plans
Thursday, Aug. 2210:00 AM10:30 AMMain programScott Learned, MS, MBA, PE, LEED APDesigning for noise control
Thursday, Aug. 2211:15 AM11:45 AMMain programDave Gasser, AIA, NCARB and S. Learned, MS, MBA, PE, LEED APLight impact: How to design for efficient lighting
Thursday, Aug. 2211:45 AM1:15 PMMain programdvm360 Hospital Design Competition Hospital of the Year Award presentation luncheon
Thursday, Aug. 221:15 PM1:45 PMMain programScott Learned, MS, MBA, PE, LEED APDesign for better air
Thursday, Aug. 221:45 PM2:15 PMMain programDan Chapel, AIA, NCARBFreestanding hospitals aren't for everyone: Leaseholds, renovations and additions
Thursday, Aug. 222:30 PM3:00 PMBreak out sessionTravis YorkFreestanding break out: Financing or planning—The chicken or the egg
Thursday, Aug. 223:00 PM3:30 PMBreak out sessionRoger LaymanFreestanding break out: Project Delivery—How is your project getting built?
Thursday, Aug. 223:30 PM4:00 PMBreak out sessionKen KarmieFreestanding break out: Artificial grass—Where and how to include it
Thursday, Aug. 224:00 PM4:30 PMBreak out sessionDavid WratchfordFreestanding break out: Work behind the walls—The importance of getting your equipment manufacturer on board in the beginning
Thursday, Aug. 222:30 PM3:00 PMBreak out sessionMatt LehkyRenovation break out: Remodeling your practice to maximize revenue
Thursday, Aug. 223:00 PM3:30 PMBreak out sessionJeff AdneyRenovation break out: Tips to consider when upgrading flooring
Thursday, Aug. 223:30 PM4:00 PMBreak out sessionGeoff GrahamRenovation break out: Maximizing the revenue generating space in your facility
Thursday, Aug. 224:00 PM4:30 PMBreak out sessionTim ParsonsRenovation break out: Using 3D modeling capabilities to your financial advantage
Thursday, Aug. 222:30 PM3:00 PMBreak out sessionClint HerremaLeasehold break out: How to save $100,000
Thursday, Aug. 223:00 PM3:30 PMBreak out sessionBrei SilviaLeasehold break out: Metrics you need to know to gain exceptional financing you can afford
Thursday, Aug. 223:30 PM4:00 PMBreak out sessionScott ManningLeasehold break out: Advantages of modular cabinetry
Thursday, Aug. 224:00 PM4:30 PMBreak out sessionJeff AdneyLeasehold break out: Cost effective floor options for leasehold buildouts
Thursday, Aug. 225:00 PM6:00 PMMain programAll Faculty MembersPanel: The great materials debate
Friday, Aug. 237:00 AM8:00 AMMain programTravis YorkThe right tools to build your dream facility
Friday, Aug. 238:00 AM8:30 AMMain programBecky Gasser, NCARBInterior design: Style that suits your practice personality
Friday, Aug. 238:30 AM9:00 AMMain programDan Chapel, AIA, NCARBExam rooms that shine
Friday, Aug. 239:45 AM10:30 AMMain programHeather Lewis, AIA, NCARBTop 10 best newer materials for hospital design
Friday, Aug. 2310:30 AM11:00 AMMain programVicki Pollard, AIA, CVTSubtle design ideas that pack a lot of punch
Friday, Aug. 2311:30 AM12:00 PMMain programBecky Gasser, NCARBReception areas that relax
Friday, Aug. 2312:00 PM2:00 PMMain programLunch
Friday, Aug. 232:00 PM2:30 PMMain programVicki Pollard, AIA, CVTTreatment: A holistic approach
Friday, Aug. 232:30 PM3:00 PMMain programHeather Lewis, AIA, NCARBThe clean clinic: Systems that work
Friday, Aug. 233:00 PM3:30 PMMain programVicki Pollard, AIA, CVTWorkspace ergonomics and cabinetry design: Don't break your back
Friday, Aug. 233:40 PM4:10 PMMain programDave Gasser, AIA, NCARB; Becky Gasser, NCARBWhat your sign and landscaping say about your practice
Friday, Aug. 234:10 PM4:50 PMMain programBrian Conrad, CVPMYour building is finished - now what?